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Professor at
Laboratoire de Physique et Etude des Materiaux,
Ecole Superieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris, ESPCI, PSL

email: luca (dot) demedici (at) espci (dot) fr

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I conduct research in Condensed Matter Theory, with focus on:
  • Correlated Materials
  • Unconventional Superconductors
  • Theoretical Methods for Strongly Correlated Systems
I am the happy recipient of an ERC Consolidator 2016 Grant, which will fund the creation of a new research group in LPEM@ESPCI on the theory of correlated materials with focus on superconductors and thermoelectrics, and its reasearch in the years 2017-2022.

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A few recent highlights


Extension of the slave-spin method to broken symmetry phases: Antiferromagnetism vs Hund's coupling. M. Crispino et al. Phys. Rev. B 107, 155149 (2023)

Correlations and doping in LaFe2As2, a stoichiometric Fe-based Superconductor. T. Gorni et al. Phys. Rev. B 107, 125166 (2023)

Mott Quantum Critical Points: a signature of a Mott transition at finite doping M. Chatzieleftheriou et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 066401 (2023)

EDIpack, the parallel DMFT package based on Exact Diagonalization in a collaboration led by A. Amaricci. A. Amaricci et al. Comp. Phys. Comm. 273, 108261 (2022)

The first quantitative ab-initio calculation for the electronic properties of FeSe. T. Gorni, P. Villar Arribi, M. Casula and L. de' Medici, Phys. Rev. B 104, 014507 (2021)

A link between electronic compressibility and high-Tc superconductivity in FeSe. P. Villar Arribi and L. de' Medici, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 197001 (2018)

A new feature of Hund's metals: enhanced quasiparticle interactions. L. de' Medici, Phys. Rev. Lett 118, 167003(2017)

Cutting-Edge Topics in Quantum Materials - International Conference, September 25-28, 2019 in  ESPCI-Paris



Recent unpublished work from the ArXiv

"Thermomagnetic mechanism for self-cooling cables"

an application of thermomagnetic materials

Editor's suggestion on Phys. Rev. Applied

A chapter in the book "Iron-based superconductivity", Springer Series in Material Science: "Weak and strong correlations in Iron Superconductors" summarizing some of the recent work on selective Mottness in unconventional superconductors.

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A recent review on Hund's driven electronic correlations.

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The February 2013 issue of the Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics was dedicated by A. Fujimori to part of our work.

A highlight from LPS-Orsay webpage: "Oxides are made of atoms, after all!" (version fran�aise: "Les Oxydes sont faits d'atomes, apr�s tout!")

Past Teaching

- ViCom Winter School on Magnetism, February 2017, Vienna. Lecture: "Magnetism in DMFT"

- XIX Training Course in the Physics of Strongly Correlated Systems in the International Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies (IIASS) ,Vietri sul Mare (Salerno), Italy, October 2015. Lectures: "Modeling many-body physics in Fe-superconductors and other  multi-orbital materials with the Slave-Spin mean-field: Mott and Hund's  physics". (here are  the notes).

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Conferences organized

With Benoit Fauqu�, Massimo Capone and Marco Schir� we organized the second edition of the international conference ParisEdge: "Cutting-Edge Topics in Quantum Materials", which was held in ESPCI, Paris on October 16-19, 2017.


Together with J. Bauer C. Giannetti and D. Inosov we organized the International Conference NGSCES2013, held in Sestri Levante, 1-5 July 2013, the fourth edition of the successful gathering of emergent researchers in the field of strongly correlated electron systems.


Together with Marcelo Rozenberg, Massimo Capone, Agn�s Barth�lemy, we organized the International Conference "Edge Topics in Correlated Materials" (ParisEdge2010), which was held in LPS-Orsay and Coll�ge de France-Paris on May 17-19th, 2010.

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